Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rice & Beans

15 oz can black beans, drained
14oz can chicken broth
1 1/2 cups frozen corn
1 1/4 cups instant rice
1 cup salsa
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

In pan, combine beans, broth, frozen corn, uncooked rice & salsa. Bring to boil. Reduce heat, simmer, COVERED, 10 minutes. Remove from heat. Stir in 1/2 cup cheese. Let stand COVERED 5 minutes. Sprinkle with remaining 1/2 cup cheese.

4 servings.

I found that this makes WAY more than 4 servings. I was using it as a side dish though. Also, maybe use half a can of the broth because it had too much liquid.

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